Catalog number for production music


In most cases every production music album has its own catalogue number, based on its label. Here is an example:

I wonder - should releases in digital stores automatically “succeed” this catalogue number, since they are “child or derivative” albums from these ones on the label site. Or in theory digital release in stores could be published under different label which could mean another catalog number or no number at all.

In my practice i usually assign this number, since there is only one release per RG and if wont assign then this number wont be present at all.

Though now i wonder what to to in cases when releases in RG have different label or even different medium - should “parent” catalogue number still be “succeeded”?

The guidelines don’t seem to be particular helpful for this question. For what it’s worth, personally I do add ‘internal’ label catalog numbers.

e.g. I will add a catalog number where they’re not present on the digital media release (usually because there is no field for them) - and sometimes even when they’re not printed on physical releases - but I know the label catalogs them by a number.

I would not use that same catalog number for reissues, releases by other labels, or other formats, unless there was evidence that the catalog number belonged to all of them. Labels will often assign different catalog numbers for reissues and different formats.