Catalog brochures

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So I’ve just discovered that [PIAS] Recordings post monthly brochures with their new catalog additions: or more exactly, here:

These go as far back as August 2016. It’s a nice, official resource for catalog number and barcodes - including digital releases, in which case it is often quite hard to find such metadata.


Soulfood, a German distributor publishes weekly brochures of their stuff including cat#, EAN, price code, tracklists and more juicy info.
They also list newest releases on their website.

AFAIK they started doing that in 2016. I had some moderate luck scraping with wget. Old links are long gone. Not much in Wayback Machine either. Anyone interested?

Maybe this can be made a general thread. Otherwise please split my post into it’s own topic.


A few days ago I made an edit on a pop LP and I discovered that Audio Network also have robust metadata publicly available:

Especially recordings look great - there’s so much info: composers, key, metre, tempo, isrc!


Redeye, a distributor for indie labels publishes brochures. (Unfortunately they decided to disable downloads, thus making copy-pasting data hard)

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