Cat No already in DB but tracks mismatch my version

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I have this specific album:

but in MB there is this album:

The tracks are different but the catalogue number is the same, therefore I cannot add it in MB:

How do I add this release then?

This is a bit of a shot in the dark, but it appears that you haven’t set the release group to the existing release group (green background like the artist field). Perhaps it will let you add it once that’s done?


I tried importing the release from Discogs and it didn’t give me any messages. Strange.

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Works for me, see edit #65436155.

@psychoadept and @sickwolf are you sure who selected the labels?

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I didn’t enter the missing label, but I did everything else short of actually submitting the release and it was fine. The discogs import linked the Tox label automatically.

Oh I see, I create a new release inside the release group so it can have the same catalogue number, I add the new songs and link the existing one!!

Do I understand that correctly?


That’s how to do it. I’m still not sure why you got those message and I didn’t, though.

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@psychoadept I think it’s because I tried to create a new release group instead of a release for an existing group.

Still learning and didn’t understand or knew the difference between those two.

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The learning curve is steep.
I wandered confused about relationships between entities for a looong time.
This map might help - though I suspect you are past needing it.


@mmirG For those of us (me) who are a little dense, when you have a minute lol could you explain your 1., 0., 0.1*, and < ordered > ? Don’t need in-depth explanation just what they reference.


This is an UML diagram.

The numbers are called cardinalities and describe how many items of class A are related with how many items of class B, e.g. a RG is related with at least one (1..*) Artist and an Artist can have related RGs (none or many = 0..*). In this context the star is a wildcard and the two points are used to represent a range.
The filled diamond at the end of a line describes a composition relation between the whole and its parts, e.g. Tracks are parts of a Medium (and they are <<ordered>> obviously).

Hope this helps someone :wink:


The other way around… :slight_smile: (A RG will always have at least one Artist, but an Artist can have 0 RGs.)


Thanks @Freso, I was so focused on explaining the notation that I did not realize that the example I gave was wrong :flushed:

BTW, the composition between Recording and Work does not make sense as a recording can exist without a work (or have relations to multiple works).


I ignore them.
Deliberate ignorance is the path I chose.