Capitalization, LeAnn Rimes 'god's work'

I’ve gone through a load of capitalisation posts but am still unsure of getting support, so asking here first.

LeAnn Rimes has put out an album ‘god’s work’ where everything is lowercase, à la ariana grande. The release in hand is:

… which is consistently lowercased in all shops, as well as her website:

But I remain unclear on what evidence I must supply to demonstrate artist intent for an edit, or if this will just be one of the albums that I don’t let Picard touch.


That’s got to be one of the most clear-cut cases I’ve ever seen!

All you need to do is say something like “artist consistently lower cases this everywhere”, with a few links (e.g. streaming sites - LeAnn Rimes - god's work + all her socials - god’s work – LeAnn Rimes).

The only places that seem to have sh*t the bed on the caps are Walmart and Record Store Day, but they’re far removed from the artist.


It’s like suede, first era.
But I’m not sure we should go this way with English titles…