Capitalization for "Long Road Out of Eden"

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I recently added a release of Eagle’s - Long Road Out of Eden. When I was adding the entry, I paused a bit and thought about the capitalization for the word “out”. I could be wrong but “out of” does appear to be a preposition here, however almost every search I could find on Google, including the other same releases on MB, capitalizes “out”. So I figured I was wrong and followed everyone else. Then my entry was edited by someone later and the “out” in my release entry was changed to all lowercase letters.

I’m not disputing the edit. I genuinely want to know if “out” should be capitalized in this case.



Editing history for context.


“out of” is a preposition

As such, it should not be capitalized, per MB guidelines.
Unfortunately, MB guess case (almost?) always capitalizes “out” which is why you will see it capitalized often in MB.


Thanks for the clarification guys.

On a side note, how did you add notes to a closed edit? I tried to ask this question through notes yesterday but I only had an “add note” button, didn’t see any button to post the note after I had typed it in.

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Either scroll down to the “Submit votes & edit notes” button or go directly to the edit page.

Tip: The End key will spare you from scrolling.


Perfect, thank you chaban!

Didn’t know there was a button at the very bottom.


You’re not the only one… :slight_smile:


Q1: Is “out of” is a preposition here and always?
Q2: Do all “short prepositions (three letters or less)” have to be in lower-case? Or just these in the list of the SG?

With my knowledge and understanding of the SG and a common knowledge of grammar I would capitalize “Out” (but, of course, not “of”).

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lol, thanks for making me feel not too stupid. :wink:

yeah, well honestly, capitalized “Out” does look a bit more natural to me. I sometimes get confused about verb + phrasal prep. vs phrasal verb + prep., or certain particular adverbs + prep. vs phrasal prep. I blame my non-English mother tongue. :stuck_out_tongue:

In general: There are many things, I’d like to have different, look better to me and so on, but we should follow the rules - even if we don’t like them always. :nerd_face:
If a rule is not good, we can try to change the rule.

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