Can't select release to attach CD TOC

I’m trying to add a CD, “Are You Ready to Learn”, by “Andre Thierry & Zydeco Magic”. I can tell that the release already exists, and I’ve gotten as far as this page, but I can’t seem to select either release to add the TOC. What am I doing wrong? I think I’m doing it right according to the TOC instructions, but I can’t seem to add the dang TOC.

And this page claims that Andre Thierry & Zydeco Magic have no releases with 13 tracks, although they definitely have this release, which does have 13 tracks.

One of those is invalidly marked as Digital download.
You can’t, of course, attach a CD TOC to a Digital Download.
Please people vote my DIGITAL→CD edit :star: and then you will be able to attach your TOC there.

:star: Original editor lbarrett — hey it’s you ! :wink: — has CD in hands.

Oh. Maybe it’s digital and CD? I should just add another that’s a CD release?

Okay, I’ve created an additional CD release. Thanks. This was immensely confusing until you explained.

Hey Ibarrett, unfortunately MB is a bit confusing at first, because it gives you access to its hefty suite of functionality right from the start!

Some pointers:

  • if you are adding a Digital Media release, please put in a link (under ‘external links’ in the first page when you’re adding it) to where you got it from, eg iTunes or Bandcamp. A CD that you’ve ripped to digital yourself or downloaded doesn’t count, it’s still a CD release.

  • currently it’s a bit confusing because you’ve added a digital media release but your edit comment says “From jewel case with cardboard cover purchased at concert.” which isn’t a digital media source. Just ask if this is unclear in any way.

  • the digital media release is the only one that has a barcode, but that’s presumably from the CD you have in hand? If so, the barcode should go on the CD release, digital media often doesn’t have one (well, that can actually get complicated, but for the sake of clarity, we most often leave it blank on digital media release)

  • as you can see from the artist page
    there are now multiple ‘release groups’ for that album. You can merge them all by clicking on them and hitting ‘merge’ (jesus2099 is already merging two, the yellow highlighted ones). It makes everything much clearer and easier to use when we keep the different versions of the same release grouped together like this

  • don’t be afraid to just keeping going back and editing them until you’ve got it right! I’ll subscribe to your edits and can always lend a hand. Keep it up! :sunny:

Sorry about making you read all that, but hopefully it’s helpful!


Actually You have created a 3rd Digital Release.
I am now merging this one into the one that I changed to a CD as it is a CD you want to set.
Now you can attach your TOC, try again, you should now see 1 CD release.

When you see stuff with orange background colour it means this stuff (entity) has some changes (edits) pending and you can see them, review and vote them by finding the “open edits” link in the right hand sidebar. :slight_smile:
Good luck.