Can't load an album


I will reduce my white edge. I “thought” (I’ve got to stop doing that) it might be helpful for the “purists” to see the complete art and know no edges were missing as I have seen some art that was over-cropped a little.

xiè xiè!


It is. The best would be if you’d upload both; see e.g.,

… as well as multiple discussions in the #coverartarchive and #cover-art tags. :slight_smile:


I agree with Freso - it doesn’t hurt to have both! Epecially now that we can differentiate them with the ‘raw’ type.


Okay sports fans. My 7 day edit waiting period was over during the night and the edit(s) were applied. “The Best of the Girl Groups, Volume 2” now successfully downloads!! It still leaves questions. Was it a bug? Was it due to my checking the raw/unedited box with Picard not wanting to load the r/u art as the front? Could it [Picard] have been waiting for the edit(s) to be applied? The answer is beyond my limited powers of cogitation.

Many thanks to all who replied and offered suggestions. You’re a great group!:nerd_face:


I’d blame leaves on the line. And pixies. In my experience it is nearly always pixies interfering. They are the ones who shove leaves down the back of the server air intakes.


Possibly. You can eliminate this waiting period by unchecking the Download only approved images setting under the Cover Art Archive options.


Yes, it’s basically a bug. Picard maintains a list of cover art types in order to be able to translate them. In this case the raw type is rather new and Picard did not know about it. That alone is not the bug, but Picard until now does not properly handle that case where a new cover art type is added it does not yet know about.

A fix was proposed by @Mineo and is currently being discussed.


Hello @rdswift, I had unchecked the download only approved images box as part of my limited troubleshooting. At the time, it still failed to download. I think @outsidecontext explained what might have happened.:smiley: I’m glad @Mineo proposed a fix. :bowing_man: Again, thanks to all!! (except the darn pixies)