Can't find exist series to add it to group release relationship

i want to add this series to this Release group’s Relationship, but unfortunately i can’t find the series when i try to add it though it exist…
Can you please help me?

Just paste the URL of the series into the search field, since you have it already. Fastest option anyway.

Thanks to your fast answer. i did as you advised me but unfortunately it gaves me Internal Server Error
I hope it’s a temporary bug… :frowning:

Oh, it’s a release series. You can’t add a release group to it; release groups go into release group series (and release series are for releases). Either change the series type or, if that makes sense, link the individual releases.

You are right of course!! i have changed it to release group, so i’ll be happy if some one here can accept the new edit: Edit #37807184

I approved the edit. :+1:

Thanks a lot!! :sunglasses: