Can't find created recording which is meant to replace existing one

On this release:

the recording of track A was the one that is used for all later CD releases. Since the 7’’ is a mono release I wanted to replace the recording with a new one for mono.
The newly created recording is displayed, but when I click on it the old recording with all its relations appears.
So I can’t add a disamb “mono” to the new recording, I created.
Is there a way to do this or do I have to wait until the changes are approved?

You already added the disambiguation to thenew recording in .

This new recording should also be linked to from the release after has been accepted.

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So I have to wait a week until I can add something to a newly created recording which is meant to replace an old one? That’s really not helpful, I will have forgotten this until tomorrow :wink:

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You can add anything to the recording just now, the same as you did with the disambiguation. You already added that recording, it exists: Recording “In der Spelunke "Zur alten Unke"” by Trude Herr - MusicBrainz

Also the edit will be applied as soon as it has been voted for. You can so ask for votes here iron IRC to speed things up.

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Track B hadn’t to be replaced, I just had to tag it, no problem. Track A recording had to be replaced. And the new recording can’t be found

the new recording isn’t created until the edit goes through, I believe. that’s tripped me up more than a couple times, actually…

one way to avoid doing a 7-day dance is create a standalone recording and link the track(s) to that. that way you can add a disambiguation and all that jazz ahead of time~

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yes, that seems to be the best way to avoid all the trouble, thx

This is always a problem - I make liberal use of tags to leave notes. Any of my tags with an underscore in front of them are ‘do this later’ notes. Lets me relax!