Can't add source to existing cover art

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I’m trying to add a source to a cover art I’ve uploaded. But it looks like it is not saved. Here’s how I do it:

  • I go to the Covert Art tab.
  • Click Edit
  • Add URL in the note as a source
  • Click Apply
  • Browse Edit history
  • Nothing.

You can check here: Noël au Québec 31f1b1aed5080/cover-art)

Also shout out to @chabreyflint for helping me out on my edits, I really appreciate your time. And sorry you have to clean up my messes :laughing: (Merci beaucoup, c’est vraiment gentil :smile: )

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(Sorry for the messed up link, I cannot edit my post :confused: )

I don’t think you can add an ‘edit note’ without actually making an edit/changing anything.

Best to add the link as a comment on the original edit:
Which I see you’ve already done so I’m a bit late :wink: