Can't add new Tag

I’m new to Picard. I brought the mp3 file into picard, used the browser to locate the new tag, clicked “tagger” and the information appeared in the right hand pane. I hit “save” band the file date changed but the tad is unchanged. What am I doing wrong?

I have a number of albums where the files have an unwanted “Grouping” field. It screws up the title name in Itunes. My goal is either to batch delete that fild or just get new tags that don’t have this field. I really don’t want to edit each file separately with a single file tool.


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Welcome! Check that you have enabled Options > Save tags to files.

As Picard is rather powerful and people have quite different usage scenarios this and the renaming options are all disabled by default.

You can select multiple loaded files in Picard and remove the tag via the tag editor below for all the files. Deleted tags show in read and striked through, and after saving (with “Save tags to files”) they will be removed. The same way you can also modify or add tags in multiple files at once.

An alternative is to remove all tags from the files and keep only those Picard newly writes. This can be enabled in Options > Metadata > Clear existing tags. But I really recommend that you only enable this if you are sure that is what you want and after you have understood how Picard works and you have configured it properly so you are satisfied with the results.

As a new user I highly recommend you take a look at our documentation, especially the “Using Picard” and “Workflow recommendations” chapters. See Using Picard — MusicBrainz Picard v2.7.1 documentation


Alternatively, if you mean that they are showing as changed in Picard, but not in iTunes, you might need iTunes to scan for tag updates.

Here are some relevant threads that might help :+1:

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