Does Picard update files in iTunes?

I followed instructions, categorised songs into correct albums, saved them…the songs are still incorrect in iTunes. Am I missing something? The instructions are very complicated…maybe its just me. Does anyone have simplified instructions? Thank you.

Picard does update the files on disk (if you have “Save Tags” activated), but iTunes keeps the file metadata in it’s own database. You have to force iTunes to update it’s database with changes from the files.

See the FAQ entry at

UPDATE: And if you are using iTunes you probably should not use the renaming feature of Picard but let iTunes manage your folder structure. iTunes doesn’t like it if files get moved around.


you can also update the songs in iTunes by selecting them all and then right clicking them then click get info then put a space in comments then click ok that will update them as well. WARNING this way will remove all comments and slow your computer down to a Cawl if you have lots of songs. adding stars or harts to them may do the same thing i have not tested this