Cannot submit changes "data already present"

I am trying to make edits to the work here:

Yet Musicbrainz is giving me the error:

The data you have submitted does not make any changes to the data already present.

I have tried adding a composer (Allister Brimble) as well as a link to the Wikidata entry (Q861222) for the game this is the soundtrack to.

I tried this myself and it worked when I did it.
Can you take a look and see if this is what you wanted to add.

Yes, it is.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Although I am still unable to make edits, so if it is not too much to ask, could you also add this as an external link:

Welcome to the community.
Your account is currently a Limited User as your account is brand new.
To become a normal user you need to wait 2 weeks and have at least 10 accepted edits.
You should probably take a look at the style guides as some types of releases have their own style.

I have added the link to the artist page, hopefully in a little over a week it will let you make the same edit yourself.


Thank you.

I think this limitation should be mentioned though, I do not see a mention of this in the documentation besides limiting voting until normal user status.

Also, if anyone is feeling up to it, I think

Needs to be linked as a recording of

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As far as I know there shouldn’t be any limitation to edit for limited users. Maybe you have JavaScript blocked or something? If not, that’s just weird and sounds like a bug.

I’ve removed this link - we shouldn’t link to WP unless the page is specifically for the soundtrack, rather than the game.

Ah. Sorry, I thought I had seen that sort of link elsewhere. I suppose a Wikipedia link about the game would be just as unacceptable as the Wikidata link?

It is helpful information though. Would a better alternative be to write an annotation?

I’m sure you have :slight_smile: It gets linked often, but it’s still not ideal. Especially since it also causes e.g. Wikidata eventually claiming that that’s the MusicBrainz ID for the game, which isn’t really correct.

Possibly. We probably should think of a proper way of linking to stuff like that. I’d be happy to just add the game as a work and link it from there, but I imagine not everyone would like to go that far away from music :slight_smile:

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