Cannot find the Drosssel label

Dear MusicBrainz Community

Could it be possible that none of the releases from the Drosssel label are on MusicBrainz ?

I have this release 1Löffelchen | Various Birds | Drosssel and wanted to go over it with Picard but I cannot seem to be able to add the correct info on any of the tracks with it.

I then searched for “Drosssel” as label and find no entries.

Does that mean I have to enter every single release as well as the label to the database ?

What is the suggested workflow in such a case ?

Thank you.

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For Bandcamp, I’d suggest to first install a userscript manager such as Violentmonkey, then get the two Bandcamp import scripts to more easily add releases from Bandcamp to MusicBrainz.

If you also want to upload the cover art but don’t have the files handy consider installing the cover uploader script as well. It’ll grab the images from the linked Bandcamp page in the best quality available.

Make sure to review the data before submitting (so it also conforms to the style guide). The scripts are just that, scripts, not magic :wink:

Here is an example I just added:

That’s the basics, if you feel like adding even more there are relationships:


Thank you heaps. :+1:

I have…

installed userscript GitHub - murdos/musicbrainz-userscripts: Collection of userscripts for MusicBrainz, by various authors

installed userscript GitHub - murdos/musicbrainz-userscripts: Collection of userscripts for MusicBrainz, by various authors

installed Picard sudo apt-get install picard

checked this release as example Brighter Future EP | Gratts ft. Robert Owens | Inner Balance Recordings

I can see the augmented release page now, nice !

When I check MusicBarinz for the release I get this result and am not sure if the release has been found.

checked the release with Picard and it tells me the release cannot be found

tried to add the release to MusicBrainz by clicking the Import into MB but face two errors



Now I have the following questions…

How can I fix the release information => artist name error ?

I tried editing, copy/paste and done but no combination of what I try in the form seems to accept the inputs. The artist is called Gratts and the release features Robert Owens, why does it not accept these values ?

How can I fix the tracklist ?

I assume, once the release has been added OK I would go back to Picard and click Lookup again, it would then find the release and I would then be able to save it like shown in steps 10. and 11. of the quick start guide here Quick Start - MusicBrainz Picard. Is that assumption correct ?

What about the genre tags from Bandcamp ? I would like to add those at least to my local files of the release with Picard. Can that be automated ?

Again, thank you very much for your information, most of the music I buy is from Bandcamp and I like to get my music library into a proper solid order with good tags and while doing so am happy to contribute to MusicBarinz. File naming would be the next topic… :grin:

I) Use the search to find those artists.

Hit ENTER or TAB or Down Arrow to start the search and make these go green once found.

II) That should work once you fix the release artists…

III) Yes, lookup should now work. Or just copy the URL of the Release and paste it in the search box at the end of the toolbar…

A bonus tip with the artists. For each Bandcamp artist, go to their MB page and edit the artist. Add a link to their bandcamp page here. NOW when you import the artists will be automagically recognised and no need to do the searches. (Just noticed this won’t work too well with the Inner Balance label as that is a Bandcamp page for a label and not a single artist…)

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