Can you link singles to parent albums?

I’m new here but have a lot of database editing experience at Discogs (top 400 user after 16 years). Many concepts are similar here, so I should be up to speed quite quickly.

I’m documenting releases and relationships and see many useful ones: e.g. recorded in (area), cover of etc.
Is there a way to link album tracks with their releases as singles, or singles releases with their parent albums?
Many thanks

David Carbines

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No, it’s not possible to link singles with their albums on the track/recording/release level. This is currently only done on the release group level. One example:
Release group “The Slow Rush” by Tame Impala - MusicBrainz (“associated singles/EPs” under relationships)


you can also link the same recording to multiple releases, as long as the two recordings are identical

if there’s a single edit and an album version though, those should be two different recordings. here’s the documentation on recordings.