Can you currently see AcoustID's using the INLINE.STUFF script from Jesus2099?

Since a few days I can’t see the AcoustID’s anymore using the INILINE.STUFF-script from @jesus2099

Do you see this ID’s in your environment?


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Still working here but React stuff can give a little trouble


Check out bottom right as you load the pages. You should see “Loading AcoustIDs” box pop up. Sometimes when the AcoustID server is having a busy day you see errors down there as it times out. Currently working for me.


You are right @chaban and @IvanDobsky

Now I can see them too:

I guess I’m just too impatient :innocent:.

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Indeed, as your first screenshot showed, there is still a bug.
You can just make the bug happen less often by putting this script late in the list of scripts.

Today, I can see this very useful AcousIDs again on several different releases on the first loading attempt.
Has anything changed in the meantime?

Nothing, sorry.
You just had more luck.
The AcoustID server might have answered late enough, after React did all its things in the tracklist, already.

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