Can someone please explain what I'm seeing here?

I’m pretty new to using MusicBrainz & I’m having trouble parsing some of the information & the way it’s laid out.

The box set in question is:

Herbert von Karajan - The Complete EMI Recordings 1946–1984, Volume 1: Orchestral

It can be found here:

I’ve been working my way through, adding the recording dates to my library in Roon & I’ve arrived at disc 78, which is so confusing, it’s caused me to sign up & ask this question!

The following screenshot is taken from the booklet:

All tracks apparently by the Berlin Philharmoniker with tracks 1-6 being recorded between Jan & Dec 1975.

When I get to track 5 in MusicBrainz I’m seeing this:

Now we appear to have track five recorded both in 1955-07 & 1975-01 to 1975-12 & by not only the Berlin Philharmoniker but also the Philharmonia Orchestra.

Am I misunderstanding the way stuff is written & need me some edumercating or is this just a cock up? :slight_smile:

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welcome to the party, @Snowdog63, good to have you!~

in most cases like this, it could sometimes be a simple typo, there’ve been a couple I’ve found that look like that could be the case

however in this case, it looks like the recording may be linked to two different tracks on the same release, namely disc 46, track 11 and disc 78, track 5. perhaps track 46-11 was recorded in 1955 with the Philharmonia Orchestra?

if this is the case, you’d need to create a new recording for one of them. looking at the credits given, I’d guess you could just choose one or the other, as the recording has both sets of credits

how I would do it would be to create a standalone recording from the Editing menu up top and fill in the proper credits for whichever track you’re going to replace. once the recording is created, you’ll copy the URL to use it in the next step

next, you’ll go to the Edit tab on the release and go to the big Recordings tab. you’ll find the track you want to replace, click the Edit button to the right of it, and you’ll paste the link from the previous step in the search box that pops up. it’ll automatically parse the link for you.

once you enter the edit, there’s a 7-day voting period, and after that’s done (with equal or more Yes votes than No votes), it’ll be in the database.

at any point, you can also remove the incorrect credits from the track you’re not replacing, and those edits will also have 7-day voting periods.