Can one trust error-messages in MB?


Actually i am already disappointed in the database system as it is. It is not exactly a no-brainer, but with logic one comes far. So after the account i tried to enter a cd from a great local ( Rotterdam ) fusion band who is bound to be great. The band is called Marutyri en the full length album " Inner Movements". I bought the cd at a concert here,but it is available via Spotify also. So i entered everything. Up to the very last screen were it complained about some data-error. The error-tab should have been highlighted with a red shade. Al my tabs were purplish en the only one with some old-reddish orange kind of look was the actual used tab. There was also no way of preserving my input becsuse of the errors i could not find.
So i spend a lot of time out of the goodness of my heart to help a favorite band, but not again. If there are votes in place, as in monitoring my imput, fine, but don’t throw away hours of input because of some minor administrative problem or a bug or something. It is so oldschool.
I used Debian 8, recent Iceweasel ( the linux Firefox clone ) but maybe this is a Windows-only website? If that still exists these days?
Hence my question, can one trust these ( colorblind ) error-messages?



When there’s a data error, the specific tab gets a red background. The colours you describe are the standard text colours for selected and not-selected tabs, though, so if no tab had a red background, you probably just hit a load issue (we’ve had overloaded servers at times lately, we’re moving servers soon but the issues will continue in the meantime), and the solution would have been to just try again until it worked. The error messages for those are pretty useless though :confused:

Bugs do happen though, specially in constantly-evolving open source software. Not much that can be done about that, unless we get a ton of money from somewhere to hire dedicated testers :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’ve imported a digital version of the album in question from iTunes, so at least that’s in now. Sorry for the annoyance! :disappointed: