Can my account get voting disabled indefinitely?

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I’ve read
Could I have voting disabled for this account? This is my work account which I use less.

Creating additional accounts solely for the purpose of voting is an abuse of the system and completely unacceptable.


We can only disable voting and editing, not just the one of them.

You can make a disclaimer in your user profile’s “bio” that says that you’re also editor X and then just not vote on edits made by your other account. The Code of Conduct does not say that you’re not allowed to have multiple accounts, just that you’re not allowed to use these accounts to vote on each others’ edits. :slight_smile: (Or, by extension, vote on the same edit (even if not by you) by multiple accounts.)

TL;DR: As long as you’re up front about having multiple accounts (and which ones they are) and don’t use them for sock puppeteering, there’s no need to disable anything. :slight_smile: