Can I override a DiscID?

I’m not sure what to do about a track from this release:

On the CD sleeve, Track 4 is written as “Whenever You Need Me (Bonus Track)” with a duration of 3:35. However, the actual track duration on the disc is 4:08 which matches the parent album.

I can’t edit the track duration because of the DiscID.

Any input is most welcome! Thanks.


The track lengths shown should be the actual lengths, not the written lengths. It is quite common for times written on a cover to be wrong.

If you want to note that length you could add a comment in the annotation to mention the written track list is wrong on the cover art.

Does your disc ID and track lengths match that discID? If yes, then it is a good idea to click on the “Set Track Lengths” for that CD to make the times actually stick. This would make track 4 show as 4:08


Thank you! I did as you suggested and set the correct track lengths.


Glad to help.

I assume what had happened here is the typed numbers were added in the intial edit, then followed by a DiscID. That meant someone needed to manually click the “Set Track Lengths” link. A DiscID only automatically applies if the times are blank when it is added.

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