Can I make pseudo-releases for albums only released as parts of compilations?

I spotted a big issue with the discography for “Forseti”. Two of the release groups (Europa and Raunen) were never actually released on their own. Their only official release was in a box set (Windzeit) - check my open for Raunen for more details. I have an open edit to delete Raunen, and will probably do the same for the Europa release group.

Now it’s a shame they need to be deleted because they are in a sense, independent works, just never independently released. I was thinking I could make pseudo-releases for them, but I read those are for translations/transliterations. What should I do in this situation?

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You should merge the release groups and releases into Windzeit, not delete them.

IMO no pseudo release for parts of release.
Why do you really want that?

I have a similar issue I need to resolve.

The Demos, 1982-86 CD was only released as part of the På väg, 1982-86 box set, but has been added as a separate release and release group.

How would I go about merging these, since the box set contains multiple media?

An extra issue is that Demos, 1982-86 was released separately digitally in the last few years, so the release group at least is valid even though the digital release hasn’t been added to it yet.

Any ideas how to tackle this one?

A simple cheat would be to convert the CD release into the Digital Release if it now matches that.

Otherwise a merge is done by shuffling the CD in “demos” to Medium 3 and then you can merge the releases.

When looking at the CD release of Demos it has a barcode. Are you sure it was never released on its own? Discogs is fairly certain it is legit: Per Gessle - Demos, 1982-86 | Releases | Discogs

Yes, it was only released as part of the box set until the digital re-release in 2020. (I can only assume whomever added it to Discogs bought the CD loose from someone who’d sold off the discs from the box set and thus assumed it was released individually.)

The other 2 CDs in the box set (studio albums) were re-released individually in 1994, and were only available on CD format in the box set up that point.

You can also verify this from The Look for Roxette: The Illustrated Worldwide Discography & Price Guide by Robert Thorselius, p. 195 where it’s also stated: “Demos, 1982-86. is an album by Per Gessle which is only available with the box set På Väg, 1982-86.

I had considered your cheat as an option as well, but thought it best to check with the community before doing something like that. Hence my reply on this thread.

I would question why is there a separate barcode on the CD? That often implies it has been sold as a separate item. If it had not bee aimed to be sold separately, they would not have issued it a barcode.

It can be tricky when databases refer to databases to know which is correct. Another example here: Demos, 1982 - 86 | CD (1992) von Per Gessle

Most Per Gessle/Roxette/Marie Fredriksson/Gyllene Tider box set releases have barcodes for the individual items contained therein, whether they be CD or vinyl. The individual items in these box sets were never sold individually.

For now I will simply add the digital release to the release group. Having followed the related artists and their releases intensely since the early 90s, I know this information to be correct, but will leave it as-is if another suggestion doesn’t come up and reinvestigate it in the future.

Let’s hope another suggestion helps resolve this.


I think that is the key that lets you fix what you see. :slight_smile:

I expect you are correct that someone split a CD out and sold it, and that has now copy\pasta’d to all the other databases. Just wade in and convert it to something you know is good. Also doing big edits to that release may wake up another person who may own the CD.

Reading the old edit notes shows it came from Which means very likely just part of the boxset. Nothing in those edit notes makes me think the CD should be kept separate if you as a fan are sure it never was sold as a CD.

Covert it to digital… then it keeps people happy who want to tag separate. Otherwise it would need to be merged to the box if kept as a CD.

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