Can I get people to check these albums for grammar?

can i get people to check these albums for gammer spelling mistakes and any info you may think is wrong or needs adding (if i need to add things it may take time) i will continue to add albums im working on to this as there edits get passed feel free to leave comments (if grammar needs fixing dont bother asking me to do it same with spelling it will not happen as that is above my head)


I’ll check 'em over in the coming days and add some edits as needed. I started by correcting the spelling of grammar in the title. (On the second attempt as my spelling is also a bit hit n miss…)

I’ve already looked at Children of the Western World, As far as it Goes and 20 Years. So the obvious typos \ spelling errors are removed from those. Call them Done. (just giving them a quick check against the covers one last time before I head out to the hills)

Note: The Hymn Makers - Charles Wesley. Where did you get the full track names from? I was checking this one but I see you have given the full names to these tracks and not the ones as per the cover.

Anyway - that is four ticked off for ya.

I am a Bit Rubbish At Getting Capitals In the Right Place. Someone Else will need To Check that For Ya.

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thanks i got them from the booklet it looks like

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Ah - yeah - I see now. I also agree that these are the better and more correct titles. The abbreviated versions on the rear look like some slap-dash track list from a gig.

When I check off a few others I’ll add the names up to let you know.

I’ll edit and add progress to the checks here in this one edit.

First six and 20 years checked off for obvious typos and corrected. All done

One Night in a Million had the Recordings set to a different Steve. I’ve corrected those for you (you had already corrected the tracks). Also set the Release Group Type to “Live”

There has been a tweak to a title. The one with “volume II” in it. The style guide tells us to use a comma
Heritage: Classic Hymns and Songs of Hope for the Journey, Volume II

Though I could also see people saying the title is really:
Heritage II: Classic Hymns and Songs of Hope for the Journey

That is more like what is on the spine… ah… subtitles, volume names… where have I seen that before?
(Yes - I can hear you laughing at the back of the class there @psychoadept @Llama_lover :stuck_out_tongue: )

Milestones Boxset the main edit I did for you here was to link the recordings up of the first two disks in this box with their original releases.

Live in Melbourne had a couple of typos that have been corrected. Also swapped this to LIVE instead of COMPILATION.

A few corrections to the Peter Stacey release to finish the set.

The edits I did on this list: click here for the list

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thanks for fixing them up wit steve camp i must have had is name on my mined for some reson when i made it

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@IvanDobsky y are you merging the albums and the box set the box set is a rerelease of an earlier boxset by the same name and they where released separately before the box set
O my bad its the songs


Yeah - the recordings are the same recordings. That is what is being merged.

If you look at CD1 in the box set it is the same CD as Children of the Western World. When the box was added to MB it would have been possible to use the Recordings page to point to these recordings. As that was not done at the time this Merge will achieve the same.

So next week if you click on the Recording for a track on Children of the Western World like “Big Dreams” ( ) It will then show you that this recording appears on three different releases.

You can already see in that example where I had previously merged the recordings from Children of the Western World and the 20 Years compilation.

Other than those few minor items I edited, the work all looks pretty good to me. :slight_smile:

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thanks for a min i thort you were merging albums :slight_smile:


The language here can be a bit weird at times.

Does it make sense now? All the Releases are there just as you have added them. Just this is a way of linking up the Recordings to show they are the same.

Also - @st3v3p have look at the list of edits I made on these list above, and then add a few votes in on some of those changes. Especially the ones already at 2-0 as it will speed up getting the edits accepted then.

Have just noticed that you have not uploaded the CD to As Far As It Goes so that means no track times on that one. :slight_smile:

yer i dont have that one i only have it in the album milestones it has times in there but whether they are the same or not i dont know you can check One Night in a Million on both milestones and the album by that name and if they have the same times then i would take a gess and say As Far As It Goes doues as well

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AhHA! I hadn’t spotted that it was part of Milestones. Recordings are already linked up.

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hopefully i can scan more album art in tomorrow


can someone have a look at this one there was one album art that is the inside of the back that sits under the tray that i did not know what type it is it is not booklet and it is not the tray so i put it as liner for now

i found this on the disc when i put it in my computer what should i do with it?
Screenshot%20(33) Screenshot%20(34) Screenshot%20(35) Screenshot%20(36) Screenshot%20(37) Screenshot%20(38) Screenshot%20(39) Screenshot%20(40) Screenshot%20(41) Screenshot%20(42) Screenshot%20(43) Screenshot%20(44) Screenshot%20(45) Screenshot%20(46) Screenshot%20(47) Screenshot%20(48)

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That would be “tray” type. You can see it through the tray - so tick tray. (I have done the fix for you)

See the Guidelines for details\examples.

The extras on the CD show you have an “Enhanced CD” and not just a “CD”. Where you usually choose “CD” just about the track list, instead it would be an “Enhanced CD”. Here is an edit for that.

Are there any extra videos? Or interviews on the CD? Or just those pages of info that pop up? If it is just the images then no need to add details for them. That would be a “digital booklet”.

Any digital videos or audio tracks do have a way of being added to the end of the track list.

I expect someone with more experience to have a better idea as to how to add a “digital booklet”. I’d just add a note to the annotation about it.


yer it is just images

As it is just images I’d not even bother mentioning it. :slight_smile:

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another album is ready to be checked if it has not been. im adding album art to all my albums that i own atm


Nothing obvious standing out… you are better at this than you think.


album art is now scanned in for this album

i also got album art for this one


from discogs. long road to glory may be a compilation album. not sure tho

can someone also check iv been adding the cover are correctly

and this one needs checking now

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