Can I add releases found on the website of a record label?

I’ve recently added this release: Bigman Collection, Vol. 6, which I own.
This record label (Big Man) has a list of the CD’s / DVD’s they have in stock at this moment, with nice cover art cover front/back, and then I would like to ask if it’s OK to add such release to the MusicBrainz database?

For example this release: “Stelele Anului Volumul 6 – Compilatie Manele

I have many CDs from Big Man and soon I will add them as releases. However, on their website there are many more releases.

How strict are the rules for adding a release? Do I have to own a physical copy? (That’s quite expensive)



No restriction on adding them as far as I know. Go for it! :+1:


As long as you have a source, add away. Lots of people on MusicBrainz add or edit things they don’t own, the time you can spend/waste editing MusicBrainz is infinite.


Make use of the notes when editing. Add comments about where the data is coming from. If you are copying it from “disk in hand” then say so. If you are adding links from a website then include the original URLs.

Many bands have tracks released in odd ways. So gathering all different details here will help others.

It is extra useful to have details about the tracks downloaded from an official website as these often tend to be on the site for a few years and then disappear. So your details added here at MB end up being more important.


If you are sure a Release exists then you can add it.
The bare minimum needed to add it to the MB database is the Release title and an Artist.
The Artist either needs to either; be in the MusicBrainz database already, or, you can add the Artist at the same time as you add the Release.

I see you’ve added lots of Cover Art for the Bigman Vol. 6 Release.
Thanks. It looks good. The cover art tracklists are especially valuable I think. One day computers will be smart enough to read the data on them and check all the info we’ve added.

If you’ve got the time and interest you could also add the MB Disc ID for the Release and also the MB AcousticIDs for each track/Recording. You can use Picard to do this.
Adding the Disc_ID is fairly simple:

Adding the AcoustID seems more complex (I’ve only recently understood that this does not happen automatically, so lots of earlier Releases I’ve added do not have AcoustIDs for each track/Recording):

By adding these 2 powerful identifiers you help Picard recognise CDs and Recordings automatically - though still NOT with 100% reliability as different CDs and different Recording do occasionally have the same MB Disc ID or AcoustID.

Like IvanDobsky says, adding edit notes and annotations describing your source of knowledge about the Release is very helpful. All editors make some mistakes sometimes and having sources lets other editors correct those mistakes.

Keep up your good practice of asking questions about anything that isn’t clear.


Thanks for your kind reply and sorry for answering so late, I was really busy these days, adding releases.
I am adding a lot of releases that I can find on the website of the record label Big Man Romania -
It’s the only Romanian record label with such a nice online catalog, and I want to take advantage of it, to add releases with good quality cover art.
It is also one of the biggest record labels in Romania (after Cat Music, Roton and Electrecord), and all those releases on their website exist for sure, definitely they are not just planned releases.

I was always adding the source link, but in the Edit note, not in the Annotations field.
I am also adding the source links of the song durations, as most of the releases don’t contain the song durations on the cover art, neither in the official website catalog link

For example this edit -

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