Can digital media have multiple "discs"?

Since the format “Digital Media” is not distributed on physical discs, I’m wondering how this type of release should be entered into MB. For example, this Qobuz release of a Foundations Build Me Up Buttercup album shows three “discs”, but clearly there are no physical discs. When I entered the release into MB here, I used continuous track numbering because digital releases have no real discs. Now I’m questioning whether that is correct and whether the numbering should reflect what is shown on the album’s page regardless of how illogical it may be to have multiple discs for a digital release.

What do others think? Thanks.


I add multiple mediums (e.g. “discs”) for digital releases when it makes sense. For instance, sometimes downloads are split into multiple folders of tracks, with the purpose of grouping them. I try and recreate this in MB by using multiple mediums.

Not sure what other peoples opinions are but I personally would go for it and create multiple mediums in this case :slight_smile:


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Medium sections (medium-section) might be a better way to handle this in the future.


If iTunes & Spotify treat them as 2 different “mediums”. Than enter them that way. If halfway down the iTunes page they start renumbering them, than it’s a new medium.


Ok, thanks all. I will revise my entry soon.