Can admin please delete the page "Prince Oak Oakleyski"

I’m an official source. He’s not a musical artist as some people contributed to joke at him.

vv Here’s the link. Admin must remove this inaccurate page vv

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since MusicBrainz is a database of all music (and more!), I don’t think we should delete this artist, provided the data is correct. for example, we have many entries for artists who have been dead for several hundred years. we’ve also got several artists who aren’t doing music anymore as well.

you may want to look at the Data Removal Policy, mayhaps that’ll answer your question?


FYI, this editor is actively trying to erase data from the artist they linked.


I think we should remove this artist by reducing its only release.

It was created by same editor, recently in 2022-04-03.
The biography at IMDB seems like a fairy tale / advertising written by the person itself.
The only mb recording has a name that makes it look fictitious.

It seems like a fake artist made for fun at the detriment of the person photographed in those apparently fake CD release packaging photos.

Only 1 track, the only recording of the artist, with a title that does not sound like a song title either.


Me and some other editors were once “hunting down” such “artists” and were trying to keep them at bay or remove their “fairy tale / advertising” stuff.
But eventually management got wind of it and was vehemently against it so here we are :person_shrugging:


If anything else, Prince Oak Oakleyski is not a musical artist. And the page needs to be removed as soon as possible before he found out that I advertised falsely. I admitted that I was wrong because he shouldn’t be counted as a musical artist, although he has his own songs but it seemed like it’s just his hobby. I used to work in his organization but no more now.
Hope you understand^^


This is maybe better discussed here, so I repost from my edit note:

@maprangmimi Ok, so maybe a simple question: is there or is there not a song called “Prince Oakleyski Is Enough” by Oak Oakleyski and has it been released in some capacity (e.g. for download, payed or free, or on any streaming service)? Or have you been adding fake data originally (maybe for some SEO or other form of advertising)?

As far as I see it this song at least seems to exist, there is Prince Oakleyski is enough (довольно) - YouTube

Also before you continue your accusations of diffamation, I don’t see any form of diffamation happening against Oak Oakleyski happening here. There is it a debate whether this data should be kept, as you originally told that this music does exist and now claim otherwise.

Personally it all looks like this all looks like one of those over ambitious marketing attempts, with biographies that claim that the person being marketed is famous for this song even though nobody knows about it. All just attention seeking without real content, so IMHO it would not be an actual loss to have the data removed. Still if the music has been released publicly, as it was the case as far as I can see, there is nothing that can stop this being added to MB again at any time.


So, maprangmimi = Real_AkimRakhimov = munkao = Prince? :wink:


This thread is comedy gold. :joy:


I’m doubtful. Assuming there is no impersonation going on Akim is a singer from Kazakhstan while Maprang is from Thailand and apparently freelancer.

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For @munkao/@Real_AkimRakhimov/@maprangmimi/@Eurasia-royallordteam:
This thread is obviously going nowhere. I assume you have already read MusicBrainz’s Data Removal Policy as @UltimateRiff already linked it earlier in thread, right? If you still feel that there is data in MusicBrainz that should be removed due to infringing on something or other, please refer to our “contact us” page for how to get in touch with MetaBrainz, including for any legal inquiries.

I’ll close this thread again now.

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