Can a release have the same barcodes in different countries?

I’m looking at Marisa Monte’s “Universo au meu redor” release. I have this physical disc in hand and was going to populate some things like Catalog # that we aren’t already carrying. But our entry is for a Brazil-only release; mine has the same barcode, but the back cover and some of the liner notes are in English. The back cover has an American FBI warning and shows “Manufactured by Blue Note Records, 150 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10011.”

I wouldn’t want to edit a release that doesn’t match by country. Should I duplicate the release with the same bar code?


Yes. If for no other reason than the cover art is different.


It’s common for different releases to share barcodes. Especially in different countries on physical media. If anything about artwork, labels, etc. is different, even if the barcode is the same, you should create a new release.


OK, I made a release and scanned in some booklet and cover bits that substantiate this as a US release. I went to add the disc ID using Picard, but it just says my disc matches the Brazilian release and doesn’t offer to attach anything to the US release. Is there some trick I need to do?

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There is a “submit DiscID” button. See


Excellent work! Scans are invaluable.

btw, I’m not sure the Blue Note Brazil release is correct, the edit history is a bit all over the place, and I can’t find scans or pictures anywhere. The ‘Brazil’ release status was added, and then five years later another editor added the label and barcode. It might be best to tweak it to match a confirmed release, like this one on Discogs.

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It’s extremely common for Universal Music Group to reuse the same barcode on dozens of different back covers for different countries.


Ah, the docs clear that up. I thought I was to choose from the list and Submit to the one I chose, but it’s actually the inverse. Will get to that soon. (And since that Brazil release came up, it may already be attached there as well.)