CAA refuses new uploads for a specific release

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Today I encountered a strange error in connection with the CAA that I’ve never seen before.
But before I’ll give a description of the impacts, I’m going to start with the chronological background story of the problem:

Another editor tried to upload (additional) images to a release and I wanted to vote on them, but they could not be viewed in any size. After I had told them that their edits look empty, they tried to upload them again – with the same result. I couldn’t believe this and started my own attempt to upload one of these pictures – and failed too :face_with_monocle:

This is what happens: After “successfully” uploading the image with the AJAX uploader, the resulting edit shows the usual We are unable to display history for this cover art. For a current listing of cover art, please see the release’s cover art page.
So far nothing special… but when I visit the cover art art page, usually it’s only the thumbnail links that are not working shortly after the upload. This time I also get a Page not found error for the original link!
Looking directly at the files on the IA server, there’s only an older upload, but no trace of the new images or any of the failed attempts.

The issue seems specific to the release, because other recent CA uploads can be displayed just fine. Has anyone ever experienced similar issues with the CAA and/or is able to explain this? The only similar ticket I found is CAA-119.

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mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 1641352031 archive.php (1.5 hour) from_url=rsync://h6.www38..
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mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 1640732602 archive.php (8.3 hours) from_url=rsync://h6.www35..
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mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 1640728764 archive.php (8.3 hours) from_url=rsync://h6.www42..
mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 1638092798 archive.php (1.5 day) from_url=rsync://h6.www50..
mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 1638092723 archive.php (1.5 day) from_url=rsync://h6.www43..
mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 1638092428 archive.php (1.5 day) from_url=rsync://h6.www36..
mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 1638092091 archive.php (1.5 day) from_url=rsync://h6.www53..
mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 1638092047 archive.php (1.5 day) from_url=rsync://h6.www49..
mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 1638091769 archive.php (1.5 day) from_url=rsync://h6.www51..
mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 877094488 modify_xml.php (2.0 years) key=9400770-30018&noindex..
mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 850211905 bup.php (2.1 years) dir=/6/items/mbid-eec3655..
mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 850211183 iw600206 derive.php (2.1 years) remove_derived=*.jpg&serv..
mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 523044058 modify_xml.php (3.9 years) backup_location[99]=ia903..
mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 523043506 archive.php (3.9 years) shuffle=1&from_url=rsync:..
mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 408978919 archive.php (4.9 years) shuffle=1&from_url=rsync:..
mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 308306360 modify_xml.php (5.9 years) key=12267683-445&mediatyp..
mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 287102091 bup.php (6.2 years) key=3784727-22092&dir=/15..
mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 287102030 iw600700 derive.php (6.2 years) key=3784727-22092&comment..
mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 148073852 bup.php (7.1 years) key=5110803&dir=/15/items..
mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 148073807 derive.php (7.1 years) key=5110803&comment=reder..
mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 111284307 bup.php (7.8 years) dir=/15/items/mbid-eec365..
mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 111282950 derive.php (7.8 years) server_primary=ia601205.u..
mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 111282872 archive.php (7.8 years) done=delsrc&from_url=rsyn..
mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 109562375 bup.php (7.8 years) dir=/15/items/mbid-eec365..
mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 109562363 derive.php (7.8 years) server_primary=ia601205.u..
mbid-eec3655c-3171-44b7-b6b4-9682da4d038a - History Mgr 109562311 archive.php (7.8 years) done=delsrc&from_url=rsyn..
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Thumbnail generation takes a while but original files not showing up might be a bad sign.
I suppose more people than usual are uploading stuff, that or something broke.

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I see this sometimes that the “original file” links don’t work immediately after uploading.

It usually clears in a few minutes.

Personally I’d check back tomorrow to see if it’s still busted.

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Yeah, this is a weird one since the other releases in the RG have cover art. I’ve seen similar things happen when there’s a copyright issue but then usually all of the cover art will be deleted.

I also remember a similar event from a few months ago where it said that the files had been removed from the servers (the files were uploaded several years ago), but then a day later or something like that they magically reappeared and I had to cancel my CAA removal edits.

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The problem has solved itself, the CAA has finally accepted the pictures after 2 days. Even the aborted attempts are there :hourglass: :partying_face: