CAA does not accept art for new album - what to do

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Recently I bought an album that was not part of the DB. Whenever I try to add art, I get an error message and in the stats page, the HTTP 500 bar corresponds to the number of attempts. The upload page says “Warning: The Cover Art Archive is currently experiencing difficulties. Adding images for this release is unlikely to work at the moment.”. I kept trying for several weeks, no change.
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I’ve been uploading artwork without troubles today, and last few days.

A sideways thought. American servers - what is the filename of your artwork? Does it have “Die größten Erfolge” in it? try renaming it to “die grossten erfolge”. Would not surprise me if the USA server is tripping over something as silly as that. (Should not be an issue, but I have seen stranger things happen…)

Thanks, but I get “:warning: Error uploading image” even with no umlaute in the title.

Maybe try various web browsers.
I see that you never achieved adding cover arts with your current browser.

FF doesn’t work either. I suppose it’s not working because this album is new.

This is a puzzle. It is not that the album is new, I am often uploading to new releases. CAA doesn’t care (or know) how new a release is.

Do you have any unusual add-ons on those browsers? Does something dumb like Edge work? Or try running with add-ons disabled for your browser.

Or, where is your artwork from? Is it JPG or PNG or something else?

As a test, I have just uploaded a JPG image to the release. Borrowed the cover from Discogs. No error on upload… After a two minute wait the image is now available.

On a side note, the title is incorrect according to MB style guidelines. The cover shows “ss” and not " ß"

It was due to scriptsafe blocking the request to the external host. In FF, I had noscript. Only after sending the pictures, I was able to unlock these hosts (*

“Your” scan is lighter while my scan is more like the original in that respect; also I did try to reduce the half-tones. Should I upload my scan instead or additionally?


Excellent. Glad you’ve spotted it. I stick MusicBrainz in an an exception all my adblock and scriptblocks.

I nicked my test image from Discogs. I’ll remove it now you have your artwork uploaded. It was only thrown up as a test to help work out where your block was. :slight_smile:

Personally I think it is always better having a “full set” from a single source. It is also ideal when it is part of a newly added release as it is then very clear all the images came from that release. It is worth adding some notes to your scans - even it is it just a simple “scans from my edition”. Someone reading this in ten years time will thank you for the clarity as to the source of your images.

Edit: I now can see your scan and it looks perfect to me. I don’t believe in fiddling around with the image too much. It should be a real representation of the actual product in hand. Only thing missing is a scan of the CD itself :wink:

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Nope, that is not correct. ß is a special character and capital ẞ only became part of official German orthography in 2017 but the usage of SS instead of ẞ is still more common.
From Style/Language/German:

In text written in all caps, “ß” is commonly written “SS”. When correcting the capitalisation, the usage of “ss” and “ß” should follow standard German orthography (e.g. Rammstein’s “WEISSES FLEISCH” should be capitalized as “Weißes Fleisch”).


I did do some German at school so realise they are the same thing. But that cover clearly does not use it. A guideline can’t tell people to change text that dramatically just because it is the “modern way”. That is just illogical.

“Artist Intent” is clearly showing “SS” so that is what should be written. If “Artists Intent” is is used as an excuse to put ALL CAPS then I don’t see the logic as to how that can be ignored because the title is written in German. (Even though the rest of the text is English).

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@IvanDobsky: You really should trust the native german speakers here. “SS” in an all caps word translates systematically to “ß” when normally capitalized (as one should based on the generic MBz guidelines) according to all pre-2017 german grammar and orthography rules, because (as pointed out by @kellnerd ) a capital “ß” didn’t exist. Replacing “ss” by “ß” here falls under error correction. Period.

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I don’t think there is an artist intent to capitalize the title. This is a specific choice by the cover design to use all caps, but that does not imply the title if written in text is ought to be capitalized. I am not aware that this argumentation is applied anywhere. If one can consistently show that an album title is written all caps on various official sources mentioning the album title than a case can be made. But random cover design choices in the font being used are not.


Sorry for my confusion. “Enter it as it is on the cover” is all I understood. Apologies to the German speakers.

This is a 2020 cover, so I assumed the “pre-2017” rule didn’t cover this one. Someone has typed two “SS” so I thought that’s what the rules wanted. My misunderstanding.

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Ok, to maybe give some final information on the discussion, because it is admittedly complex and not really manageable by people not speaking German:

  • Since 2017 there is officially an uppercase version of the ß (after a over 100 years long debate). But the most common way is still to write it as SS. The use of the uppercase ẞ is allowed but optional. In my experience so far its usage is very rare and to most people it looks odd (e.g. at least in the font I see here in “DIE GRÖẞTEN ERFOLGE” the ẞ still looks out of place and not really fitting the rest).

  • If this was a release from Switzerland targeted at a Swiss market it probably would be a lowercase “ss”. The Swiss got rid of the ß long time ago. They will sometimes still use it if targeting a broader German speaking audience. For MB releases this could be hard to decide, but likely the very specific Swiss only releases are rare.

  • You might also find ß replaced by ss in some lowercase texts as a result of technical limitations (e.g. pure ASCII encoding of text).

  • In older texts uppercase ß might also show up as SZ. Probably not so much of an issue for MusicBrainz.

If a release uses normal capitalization for text on the cover but uses “ss” instead of “ß” I would also go for the “ss”. If the uppercase text uses an uppercase ẞ it’s an easy decision, use lower case ß. Otherwise when lower casing upper cased text replacing “SS” with “ß” is usually the right thing to do, if the lower cased word would be written with an “ß”. If in doubt for a specific release I think both ways would be fine, nobody will get stoned because of this :smiley:


To emphasize this: There isn’t even an official way to type it on a standard keyboard yet.


I really did NOT need the full lecture. I said I will stay away from languages I do not speak. There are now more posts here being critical of my mistake than trying to help the initial poster with their question. Too many people want to jump and criticise on this forum.


Don’t worry, I think it’s always good to have complete information for future reference. :wink:


No criticism intended, at least from my side. I apologize for the unrelated post.


dejectedly lowers rock


Are you sure that you don’t get stoned @outsidecontext? :rofl: :smoking: :herb: :innocent:


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