Bulk data update?

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I have a lot of Works for which I want to set the Lyric Language to “[No Lyric]”. Am I right that there is no bulk data update option, and I have to do it manually for each one? Likewise other fields.


Yes, unfortunately this is the case. If I have to update many recordings or works I usually open them all in separate tabs in my browser and update them one by one.

Maybe there is some handy user script around to help with this?


I know the old scripts for this used to unset stuff like the keys and type (when set) so they weren’t great. There might be something better now though - if there is I’m also definitely interested!


@loujin, did you have anything up to date for this that doesn’t unset other fields? If not, is it something you might be willing to work on? :slight_smile:


@reosarevok, not sure, I haven’t use that script for some time.
According to the repository history I fixed the key removal early June (version 2016.6.1) but it sure needs testing, and I don’t have much free time at the moment.
If somebody decides to use it, please check carefully the content of submitted edits and warn me if something is fishy.

link to the script


I had to push a fix (version 2016.10.18) to remove Firefox-specific code
So the script should now at least be activated as intended. I used it on some Poulenc works without noticing any problem.

As usual, caveat emptor, and yell at me on IRC/bitbucket/greasyfork/here if something goes wrong