Bulk cancellation of edits?

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Is there a bulk edit cancellation method?


I’m new to MusicBrainz and am using it to correctly tag my digitzed music including embedded cover art. in doing so I noticed a few albums I owned missing from the MB db. It took me an age to try and make an accurate album entry into the MB db, first without an importer, then with one from Discogs. But track length was still missing and had to be added manually from my own mp3 track length if I could not find it in the CD’s notes (I’d got rid of most of my CDs so had to hunt online).

Given all this time and effort to help the community, I made multiple edits in the web interface which have been split up into multiple edits - essentially fragmentation. The trouble is I see lots of my inaccurate edits which have attracted "No"s quite reasonably and I want to cancel these edits, but I absolutely have not the time to go into each and every one of these 45+ mistakes and individually cancel them. It is putting me off being a contributor as its at least 30 mins per album to check everything and to get round the quirks of the system anyway, this extra time isn’t attractive at all.

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There is a “fast cancel” userscript described at https://musicbrainz.org/doc/Guides/Userscripts but not linked to. A copy of it can be found at https://userscripts-mirror.org/scripts/show/125781


Easiest way: go to your profile, click (your) “Open edits” and you can cancel all those that are wrong and/or will fail. Good luck!


On the track length problem: If you put the CD in, and pull up Picard, you can look up the CD, then attach the Disc ID to the release you just entered. Then go to the Disc ID tab and choose to set track times from the Disc ID.


In that case you can see those editors as doing you a favour. The edits will not not go in. As long as you are not worrying about numbers and “reputation” scores then all is well. No sane person around here cares about the “scores on the doors”. This isn’t a social gaming network, it is an accurate database. The No voters have done you a favour in this case. :slight_smile:

Yes indeed, @kiathuang , go to your open edits page, as @chabreyflint said, and cancel edits with the user script mentionned by @yindesu, but please take its most recent version with added features such as edit note and whatnot:

Click the Raw button to install (install Violentmonkey or equivalent extension in your browser first).

Then you can quickly quick all cancel buttons at lightning speed, stay on that page until all queued cancellations apply (you will see a count down).
You can leave cancel edit notes if you want by pressing Edit note and type before Cancel.