Bug with copyright (and other release-label) credits?

I’m trying to understand if this is a bug or not and if so whether or not it’s worth reporting. When adding release-label relationships for copyright and phono copyright, if you leave the ‘credited as’ field [blank] on one (e.g. copyright) and then copy the label name and paste it into the ‘credited as’ field on the other one (e.g. phono copyright), they do not present as the same label when viewing the release.

I troubleshooted this on a previous release before realizing that was the difference in credits. After emptying out the ‘credited as’ field and saving it, the credits appeared the same. Here are a couple images to show you what I mean. It’s also currently present on this release (was checking/testing again today), https://musicbrainz.org/release/676e318a-253d-4c87-abde-a703304618cc.


I do not know if this potential issue extends to other release-label relationships, but I suspect it does.


Just make sure that if you have pasted the label name in one that it needs to be in the other. Or just leave both blank. I went ahead and pasted in the other and it fixed them being separate like that.

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