Bug report: loujine - Copy dates on recordings

I’m not sure if this is the intended behaviour (I’m using Chrome as my browser).

When I try to use the “Copy dates on recordings” script from loujine it must be the FIRST action after pressing the “Edit Relationships” tab on a release. Otherwise it does just nothing.

My typical use case is copying dates of a live event to all the performers of a recording. First of all it ONLY works if the date is already set on the recordings “place” (it will NOT work if the recording has an “event” set with the date of the live live event.

For example in the following picture you see that the “recorded at: Amalie Arena …” has a date set … and thats why all the performers got the event by executing the loujine script. If I would have only specified the event “recorded at:
2023‐02‐01: Amalie Arena, Tampa, FL, USA
(2023-02-01)” which also has the date set … the script does nothing.

But what really bugs me is that the script only works when it is executed right after pressing “Edit Relationships” as the FIRST event.

The other bug has already been mentioned. Pressing one of the two script buttons “Copy Dates” or “Removes Dates” has no visual feedback except that it either works when being the FIRST action after “Edit Relationships” or it only pretends doing its work and adding a comment to the notes section if it is NOT called as the FIRST action after “Edit Relationships”


I’ve noticed problems with this as well but hadn’t narrowed it down as you have. This used to work, so recent changes in MB or in Chrome may have broken it.