BUG: External links

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Links to Qobuz digital store dont appear in the “External Links” on right side like iTunes or Deezer


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You’ll need to file an MBS ticket to get them to show up there.


Created https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/MBS-11398

Didnt knew normal user could create Jira :slight_smile:


It’s not really a bug, for what it’s worth - we never intended every single link to show up there :slight_smile: But Qobuz is popular enough that it might make sense to show it.


Put bug as didnt know if it was intentional or not :slight_smile:
Indeed can be switch to Improvement


What do you think about adding Boomkat.com? It’s actually a huge and old e-store (est. 2002).

Whenever I add a new release I search for it on Bandcamp/Boomkat/JunoDownload/Beatport and it pains me that Boomkat is still not recognised even though it’s just as important market-wise and in most cases anything I want to add is purchasable there.

The only issue I can see with link auto-recognition is that even direct tab links default to a particular medium. E.g. https://boomkat.com/products/unieqav#v4026213 loads to CD format and not WAV.


I’m not opposed to it. It may need to be its own relationship at the artist level with no autoselect on releases, similar to what we already do for Bandcamp (and did for the CD Baby store before it closed last March).

Personally I will be in favor as I think it s our responsability to remain fair regarding the business. We should not end up promoting (even if it s involuntary) some stores against the others.

Some potential problematics for instance:

  • Are the download/stream links added by fair editors or by people payed by compagnies linked to stores?
  • The automatic tools tends to favor some major stores by adding automatically their links
  • Some stores are more visible as they got their dedicated icon and available in right pane

I understand it’s a complex topic that could easily become costly but with all the smart people we have around here I m sure a pragmatic solution could be found :slight_smile:


@ulugabi - I agree it is unfair that the Big Tax Avoiding Names get free advertising links but a Buy from Artist website link will not be shown on the right.

Personally I would like to see a separated section on the right titled “online stores” so all can be equally shown. I know I have bought things from Bandcamp and other Artist’s own website due to curiosity when editing in MB. It is a worthy section to have to help promote the artist.