Bug about stand alone video?

Every time I try to add the external link to the youtube video in the field “external link” of this stand alone:

nothing happens after hitting “Enter Edit” and also it does not show up in “open edits”

What do I do wrong or is it a bug?

No idea, works for me. After pasting the URL, did it update to the “stream for free type” on the left?

Anyway, I added a Youtube link, was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkVZfc3sJOw the correct one?

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No for me it did not update to the “stream for free type” on the left. Thank you for adding it and yes that is the correct one :slight_smile: Thanks!!

That sounds like an important thing you should fix before further editing MB.
Editing MB is in itself tedious enough to do it without JavaScript (or whatever the problem is).
Please try another web browser or try activating JavaScript.
What are your browser name and version ? :slight_smile:

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Hehehe here I am again @jesus2099 :slight_smile: I got HTTP500 Internal Server Error :frowning: all afternoon, when trying to reach this site / forum, it already was an issue since this morning but only when trying to open a page on this website in a new window.

Yep I agree with you, the site first should work for me before I do any other edits.
I do have Java script enabled in both my browsers IE11 and Chrome54 and just checked to see if JS still was enabled. Normally I work with IE. Past weekend I also experienced the problem with the drop down menu box not showing up at the left of the add external link field to make a choice e.g. “stream for free”, so I tested Chrome but no improvements, still not showing up. I use OS Windows 7. Then I went to my laptop upstairs that has Windows 10, but no improvements, still the same bug. My main PC also is a laptop, a working station. So what I did today is test on our Desktop PC upstairs and to my surprise, the drop down menu box including “stream for free type” to the left of the add link field DID show up there on the Desktop. This Desktop uses OS Windows7 just like my main laptop.

Isn’t that nerdy weird ??? :worried:

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This is strange indeed. Do you turn the computer off everyday or is it always on?
Turning it off then on could fix.
It is strange… Or maybe you have an anti ad any JS blocker…

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Yep I turn the computer off and on at least once a day! I turn on, do email and other things, then turn off and when coming back turn on again.

I did not add a special app to my Windows 7 main laptop PC to block ads, because I never see ads popping up. I use the default Windows 7 PC protection tools for my Security Settings: Windows Firewall turned on to protect against hackers and Microsoft Security Essentials turned on to protect against viruses. I do not have a special app like AVG to protect against viruses but just use the MSE. The Windows 10 laptop upstairs (I just checked!) uses AVG instead of MSE and cannot see the right pages either.

BUT: the desktop Windows 7 PC upstairs also uses AVG instead of MSE and the Desktop can see the right pages on this nerdy site!

Also there is a brand difference between my PC’s: both my laptops are of the brand HP and cannot see the right pages, while the Desktop is a Dell and he can see the right pages.

Hmmmmmmm I cannot imagine that the brand of the PC would make any difference to see the right edit page? Or the PC being a laptop or desktop? :unamused:

If you go to this page and type some numbers in one of the first two fields, does the other one update on its own, or not?
It is just to see if you have any JavaScript running or not. :slight_smile:


Yep the other field updates on its own :slight_smile:

So on the PC that doesn’t work:

  1. You go to https://musicbrainz.org/recording/a593f600-4b4a-43a7-8775-2d710da03e85/edit
  2. You paste https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkVZfc3sJOw in that “Add another link:” field

But then nothing happens, right? Do you get a visual JavaScript error indicator (a yellow warning sign) or something? Or nothing at all?

If, instead of pasting a URL, you just type some random text. Does an empty select box appear instead of the “Add another link:” label?

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I first enabled to show up the yellow warning sign in my Internet options to show every script error. Then I did C-cleaner, then I started up my not compatible PC again and did as you said, here the results:

Indeed nothing happens when doing your test but also no (JS) script error yellow warning sign shows up in the status bar at the bottom, when doing test 1.2. see below:

So then I did your next test with this result:

Weird isn’t it :confused:
I hope we together can fix the bug!

Weird it is.
I have filed a bug ticket — MBS-9104.
If you want me to add details in it (without creating your account, there), please let me know.


I suggest you edit after "does not react.: " into: “Internet Explorer 11 and Chrome 54 on both Windows 7 and Windows 10 Laptop computers, strange enough on Desktop computers no problem. Having turned on/off Windows Firewall seems to make no difference, as well as using different anti virus programs make no difference.” Then go on with “Apparently no JavaScript error thrown.”


P.S. I can imagine that there could exist differences in the motherboard of desktop and laptop PCs and that those could be of influence on certain software applications, but I would not know their exact impact, as I am a music producer not a hardware expert :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have updated the ticket, @Samsom_Productions. :pen_fountain:

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Good Morning to you @jesus2099 my friend :slight_smile:

Thank you for updating the ticket! I would like to add a comment to it, could you please do on behalf of me, so I do not have to create an account there? My comment is:

on behalf of Samsom
She says: Not only when adding a duplicate link, but far more important: when trying to add a new link (for example to Bandcamp) on both my laptop computers (one running Windows 7 and the other running Windows 10) the link field just stays the link field after typing the address to Bandcamp, and NO drop-down box at the left of the field shows up, neither an automatically link type to Bandcamp. The weird thing is, that on my husband’s desktop computer (running Windows 7) no problem with adding links detected so far. The desktop is a Dell and the laptops both are HP. Perhaps the motherboard configuration differs between those two brands, or motherboards in laptops differ from those in desktops, or it could be the difference in processors between the working desktop and the failing laptops. My main laptop is an Intel ® Core ™ i7-4710MQ CPU @ 2.50GHz installed on a 64-bit Operating System. The desktop is an Intel ® Xeon ® CPU W3505 @ 2.53GHz also installen on a 64-bit OS.

@Samsom_Productions, do you paste with mouse right click or with keyboard short cut (Ctrl+V)?
Before I copy your comment, can you make sure you do it with keyboard.
If it works with keyboard, it would still be a bug but then it would be nailed down to be an event listener issue (we would have to use almighty input instead of keydown, for instance).

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@jesus2099, I do with right mouse click, never used the other option before, but am gonna try now! Be back in a minute :slight_smile:

When I use Ctrl-V, I get this:

Oh, and when I just now went to
https://musicbrainz.org/artist/2410d7cc-54fa-4314-a5ca-18e019ab444f/edit and manually typed in the add link the url of bandcamp, it did work, while earlier, when pasting the link with a right mouse click, it did not work.

So I agree with you that it is an event listener issue!!
Could you please comment on the ticket to explain them about that? And I think it not necessary anymore to insert my comment of this morning ?

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For the record, @Samsom_Productions, I was able to reproduce it with IE11.


That’s great that you @jesus2099 were able to reproduce the bug with IE11, to show them how the bug happens! As usual, you are the best! :smile: BTW with Chrome 54 the bug also happens. I noticed you used Chrome 37 and the bug was not there. So perhaps, when reading their answer, they also should give attention to the newer versions of Chrome to make those compatible.

Have a great evening!! :wink:


Thanks for liking my last post @jesus2099 and a big :smile: :sunny: :joy: to you and to all my other friends here on the Music Brainwashzz :sweat:

See you tomorrow guys and gals!