Broadcast concerts


I’m thinking about adding in MB concerts that were recorded and streamed on radio websites, i.e. available only as digital files, and I’m looking for feedback on what’s the best way to add the data (so that I can automatize part of the job with a userscript).

What seems to make sense would be combining an event and the live bootleg/broadcast style guidelines:

  • add one recording with the usual performers/place/works/dates (= the mp3 I have)
  • add one “Broadcast” release with only one track and the radio station as label
  • add one “Concert” Event with the usual place/performers/setlist and linked to the same recording with “recording location for”


Does that make sense? Should I split the recording in sub-recordings for each performed work, knowing that the digitized file available online is only in one mp3 file? I guess not.

So for the moment my workflow would be:
picard > add mp3 file > create in MB as standalone recording > (userscript) create broadcast release from recording > (userscript) seed concert event from recording > tag my mp3 in picard

Any idea to help making this useful for other people?

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I did such a release only once and I probably used the MB tagger Add cluster as release plugin to directly create release group + release + recording at once. And also to get that recording track time in milliseconds (1:1:50.536).

* The plugins page is called Greffon page in French. It’s disgusting! Extensions would be better, IMO.

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Sure, that works too. I think my purpose was to avoid completely to duplicate the information to enter by hand, since the release info can be automatically copied from the recording (except label)

I hadn’t thought about that. Creating a standalone recording does not take milliseconds into account I guess?

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Only the release editor seeding (add mode, not edit mode) can take milliseconds. See How to edit recording/track length in milliseconds?. :slight_smile: