BrainzPlayer Design - MusicBrainz App

Hello everyone!! :smile:

Our team has been working on the BrainzPlayer implementation into the android app, and we have made quite some progress. Currently we have a design on which we are working , and we would love to share with you all and know what you think about it.

We still have to work on some animations to give the transitions a better look, and an icon is also coming for BrainzPlayer.

Here are some screenshots of our current work:

And there is also a video demo :

Please react if you like the designs, and do tell us how we can improve or what modifications we can make.

Thank you!


Well done!! Is BrainzPlayer an addition to the app that plays local/phone music files? ListenBrainz integration? :heart_eyes:

Don’t forget to stick to the design guidelines, particularly the section Accessibility: Contrast. There’s a simple contrast checker you can use there to make sure your text colour combos are readable to those with low vision.

Not sure what feedback (or how much!) you’re after, but the first thing that comes to mind is that the colour scheme could be made into more of a ‘family’. There’s a disconnect between all the different coours, with variations of bright, pastels, gold, etc.

There’s also an opportunity here to align with other MetaBrainz projects - little things make a difference. For instance we could give the boxes the same corner radius as on ListenBrainz. CritiqueBrainz has placeholder images for ‘album’ and ‘artist’ that could be re-used rather than introducing new ones. Those are examples that come to mind, but in general I think you could take more from the MetaBrainz ‘family’.

Final feedback, it can be good to give an indication of what kind of feedback you’re after in posts like this. Or you can get sometimes smashed with a lot of different notes from people, which may not be useful at the stage you’re at. @akshaaatt knows :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks a lot @aerozol, this is the exact feedback we wished for :grin:
So BrainzPlayer in context of musicbrainz-android app refers to the local music playback feature.
Thank you for the design guidelines, we will definitely modify the designs accordingly.