Box set release with individual barcodes

I have a dilemma

I have The Smith Complete, a boxset of releases. Tagging them using Musicbrainz and Picard would combine all the CD’s into a multi disc release named Complete.

However each release has it’s own separate catalog and barcode number that aren’t currently in the Musicbrainz database.

Would it be acceptable to add these as separate releases using the individual release information to better catalogue my collection?

Opinions would be helpful

P.S the barcodes and catalog numbers are different to the individual Smiths CD’s released at the same time


You probably have a (main) outer barcode on the outmost package (box, maybe)?
Then you should set this one and put the others in the release annotation, until we can set multiple barcodes:


Yes there is a barcode on the outer packaging. I just feel it would be neater if I could enter and then catalogue each barcode from the individual releases in the box set.

Who’s to say in the future someone may come across the individual releases loose and proceed to use them as such, the CD’s all come packaged separately and the outer packaging isn’t strictly needed, it’s conceivable

Sorry to double post

On further research I feel it would be acceptable to add a release for each CD in the box set because as mentioned each CD has individual identifying barcodes and release numbers.

My rationale is that even though as far as I’m aware they were never specifically sold individually there will be plenty of releases on musicbrainz that are likewise out of print

Also on investigating my similar The Beatles in Stereo boxset the issue is sidestepped as each individual album in the box set uses matching barcodes and catalog numbers to standalone album releases from the same year, I’m sure it’s acceptable for me to catalog those individually and as a boxset

This unfortunately isn’t in line with MB guidelines, and your separate releases will eventually be merged into the box set, or your additions will be voted down.

If everything was only sold as a set, then MB has a single release for it, regardless of what graphics/barcodes are put on the contents.

I’m not saying this is right or wrong or not annoying, but that is how it is currently. You are not alone, check out @HumHumXX’s set of annotations