Box set question

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I have found this release and can be of help with edits for it, but looking for some guidance on how to proceed.

This release is CD#6 of a 6 CD box set titled “AOX: The Regeneration Mixtapes Box Set (2014)”, a various artists release. In this case, CD 6 was entered individually. It is my thought that a box set like this should be entered as 1 release with 6 CDs for medium. Which is correct? and how is the best way to proceed here with the end goal of adding the complete 6 CD set?


If these CD’s are only available as part of the box set, then you’re right. The release should be the 6 CD box set. If they are also available individually, then there should be a release for the box set and a release for each of the individual CD’s.

Thanks for the reply. I unfortunately do not know the answer to that at this time. I will see if I can find out though. In the case I am unable to get a confirmable answer to this, what is the suggestion action here? I can share that this is a “playlist” type box set release. It is not one where each CD has a title or specific purpose, such as CD1 is years x - y, etc.

I am able to add in disc IDs for all six CDs and acoustIDs for the recordings, but these recordings have a ton of IDs already on them, so the acoustIDs are kind of pointless, but I have them as they are for this release.

I researched this a bit on the net to compare to what I have, as you asked the question as to the releases availability. It is my prior assumption, which was supported by searching the net, that this is a bootleg release. The 6 CD set appear to be originally a CDR set that was made available for download vis FLAC and MP3 via extraction from said CDs. I believe this to be true as it is a match to what I have and when I check for any downloads or links for information, all are of a “pirate” style, nothing official, and all of them appear to be the same core download. Meaning that the availability all show the same pack of files.

I am not sure this will actually qualify as a release at all though, it appears to be a bootleg derived from someones playlist created with a specific intention, then shared online. There is no real artwork I Can find and very few resources/references. Finding this CD6 and asking this question here aside, I would not likely add this as a release on my own as I tend to consider this a non-qualifying bootleg per the guidelines of a bootleg here at MB.

I can proceed however others feel fit. I do have this release in as original form as I believe possible, so I can do as much or as little as others think here. I would actually vote yes on a proposal to delete this release as it sits though.

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After further looking, it looks as all 6 CDs are in MB, and were all added by the “originator” of the release. I can also see that the 6 CDs are a continuation of one another, so it is my belief that this is a set of mediums 1-6 vs individual releases. I will propose the merge from 6 releases to a single 6 medium release. Should you (or anyone) disagree, please vote no. But I believe, also based on your comment) that this is the proper approach here.


I quibble with a barely relevant minor detail only.
If this release/playlist/“collection of tracks” is widely distributed then what guideline is against it being a MB Release?

That one is the exact one I reference there. It does not qualify so well on that. To me, that means the release should be available from a few places at least, and be referenced at more than just those places. I can find a few references of this release, but getting the release takes a bit more digging. Even looking it up for cover art produces 1-2 images only, and looking for alternate sizes, etc produces no additional results.

Either way though, I have added an edit to merge the 6 into one, and not proposing a delete of any of them since the data is already there, just not together.


for me it looks more as a series than a box set

I guess I never questioned the classification of boxed set as that is how it is distributed, titled “VA - AOX: The Regeneration Mixtapes Box Set (2014)” by the originator of the release and distributed together, meaning each stated CD is not listed / advertised without the others with it.