Bootlegs on Spotify, Qobuz, etc

I noticed a number of concert bootlegs coming from this label:

What is interesting is these are appearing on legit places like Spotify, Qobuz and other digital stores. Does that make them official?

The Pink Floyd one is what got my attention. BBC will still hold copyright on those recordings, and they have appeared on official Pink Floyd boxsets. That seems to stop the argument being based on the 50 year rule. Other releases are much newer concerts that this.

I believe that even though they are on these digital stores they should still get marked as bootleg as they are going to be published without permission of the artist.


Spotify sometimes gets fake / dodgy stuff that eventually gets taken down. I’d suggest bootleg for this as well.


Also I can gurantee Qobuz stores tons of unofficial stuff!

…and cheers for your election as auto-editor Dobsky, it’s deserved!


It just all screams “I look a little shady”… a few of the releases are already set as bootleg. I’d tick the rest tomorrow if people are happy for me to do that.

Thanks. I think people just got bored voting on my edits… :laughing: Trouble is there is that little tick box that says “Make these edits voteable” which I’ll still use a lot. They ain’t getting away that easy. I like my stuff being checked.


There’s a bunch of '80s R.E.M. concerts on Qobuz that are sourced from radio broadcasts, one’s even from this Maison Blanche label. I assume it’s some sort of legal grey area that someone’s taking advantage of.

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Edits to flip to bootlegs. One was already a bootleg, and one had no type set.

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