Bootleg digital releases


I am against adding more ‘bootleg’ divisions / categories. It will just mean that much more for a user to look up, and that much more confusion, on a category that honestly doesn’t deserve that much attention.

Edit: however I am for clarifying what we currently have if it’s confusing and someone has an efficient solution


Don’t forget “playlist” on the list of terms that mean “a bunch of random songs i put together”


“Free culture & Public domain” was intended as a category for, e.g., if I grab a bunch of public domain or free/libre songs, and throw them together in a torrent. @WovenTales at least suggested this seems weird to consider “official”.

I guess I should have given more descriptions in the post!


Yeah, I can see where y’all are coming from with putting public domain stuff under “official” – you have “bootleg” the primary determinant (or whatever we’re calling it), and since those are perfectly legal they go with the other legal releases. I’m just thinking of it with “official” being primary and indicating that the artists or the label representing them at the least wrote off on the release/compilation, and so once the recording enters the public domain and anybody can do anything with it, releases can be put together without anyone at all related to the artists even knowing about it – which I see as not having any official connection to the rest of the catalogue. I don’t have any particularly strong feelings that way, though, so wouldn’t mind if we wound up putting those as official, but I figured it would be good to provide another potential perspective for the discussion.


Hey those are cover albums.
There are no Mozart recordings anywhere.
What is public domain here is the Works, it is another topic than artist recordings releases unofficially.


This is a very cool concept - we’ll chuck out the CSG and make a new lot called “cover albums style guidelines”.