Bonus track / alternate take

On the release New Orleans Piano by Professor Longhair, tracks 2, 7, and 8 and notated as “bonus tracks” on the cover. These are in fact alternate takes of track 3, 15, and 16 - same song, same session, initially unreleased. (Tracks 7 & 8 are noted “previously unreleased”. I’m guessing track 2 was released on some previous compilation, but I’m not sure.)

I know we do not normally notate “(bonus track)” as ETI, but I would like to differentiate the versions somehow. My inclination is to notate these with “(alternate take)” which is a convention commonly used on jazz releases. However, the actual CD does not specifically use the “alternate take” anywhere. Am I within the bounds of editorial discretion here?

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If there’s no ETI on the release, I’d add disambiguations to the recordings.