Bon Jovi disc id confusion

Just purchased a 2nd hand cd. Bon Jovi: Destination Anywhere. In Picard using cd lookup, it pulls up this>

The hub of my cd displays “Made in Germany”. While according to Discogs it should display “Made in the UK” if the disc id correct.

The closest topic I can find is this>Same disc ids. This leads me to believe that it is not likely for the same disc id to be on both releases. Soooo, Should I enter a new release? The barcodes and cat#s are the same and I cannot find any differences in the available artwork or printed info. Even the sticker on the outside front of the jewel case shows “International Version”. To make it a little stranger, mine has an additional retail store 1"sq price label with the following info-110101, VIRGIN, £13.99 which might indicate it was sold in England.

A little direction would be appreciated.

Yeah - new Release time. It is not uncommon to have a CD printed in multiple countries.

It is also not uncommon for discIDs to be attached to “close enough” matches.

When an album has been around for a few decades the owners will often pass it between sub-labels, or change choices of pressing plants over the decades.

I expect you’ll also find small differences on the rear cover and the CD itself.

Do notice that Discogs list 59 different versions of it:

All you can really do is just make a new perfect Release documenting your copy and attached your discID. You can’t really remove it from that other release as you can’t be sure…

Try being a Pink Floyd fan. There are some releases where the CD is from one country, but the paperwork from another. And then every combination of that possible… each needing a new release for each of those differences on the paperwork printing… but the reality is the discIDs are just about identical to each other as they are all coming from the same master.


Thanks @IvanDobsky. That’s the way I was leaning. Glad to have a second opinion.:grinning:

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How did you look up a discID at Discogs?

Looking at the item you have linked here at MB based on your discID link there is no country of manufacture on it. Does your barcode match? And all other details as per MB so far? If yes, then no need to make a new one. Nothing here at MB says for SURE which country the GB one was.

But probably better to be 100% certain and make a totally fresh entry.

Can you drop a rear image scan here in the forum? I’m after that barcode… there are 10 with that barcode at Discogs, and two here at MB

1 Like is the link for the UK release. This is the link for the Germany release>

I didn’t look up the disc id at discogs. I don’t know if it can be done. I sifted through all the versions and did the best I could to match things up. Toward the bottom of the discogs links is where I found the country info.

Rear image will be provided as soon as my printer program decides to activate.

What did you look up at Discogs? Was that a barcode search?

I found 11 on that bar code, and three of those are Made in Germany:

Some people at Discogs (and MB) sometimes confuse country of Manufacture with Country of release. Hence why I am waiting for the rear cover as price codes and other details on there show us more about the release country.

Also the matrix sometimes hides date codes too…

Interesting to note the price sticker you have - that is clearly a UK High Street purchase as store name and price fit where it would be been bought as new. So this is a UK release, Printed in Germany.

@IvanDobsky. Here is the hub. I don’t think the “Made in Germany” will show up due to reflections on the hub. It is there but more toward the inner part of the hub.

I’ve trying to reduce the size of the back & spine as the png is too big.

@IvanDobsky. Back & spine:

This seems to have the same matrix code as yours (02314 536 011-2 02 +).
Is it engraved that it is MADE IN GERMANY BY UNIVERSAL M & L on the part we cannot see?
Check if it’s this one and if so, link it to your new entry. :grinning:

Due to phone call @jesus2099 beat me to it. (That was the middle of the three links)

I’d mark it a European release. It was sold as new in UK, so probably a UK release but can’t be certain.

Yes, @jesus2099, it does have MADE IN GERMANY BY UNIVERSAL M & L. It is on the next black ring toward the center of the hub from the number code you can read. Thanks for the link by the way. Thanks to both you and @IvanDobsky. I will create a new release. Are you both in agreement to mark it as a European release instead of UK or Germany?

Strange - on my monitor that text is clear. Or are you trying to work from your phone again :grin:


The more I look at that, the more it stand out as a “UK & Europe” release and not specific to Germany.

Look at the other releases on that Discogs page:

The next two listed at the top of the alternates are both Mercury releases, cassette and CD versions with very common cat number. Identical rear covers.

Notice that CD version is identical - except for being printed at a different German plant.

So yeah - you have a “UK & Europe” release there. That original price sticker helps to confirm that.

Super, case closed. Say Hi to the Queen! TaTa for now.:wink:

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Then you probably misread that other thread. Indeed it is actually very likely that the disc ID will match in this cases like this. The disc ID is based on track durations and positions in the disc, and as those are the same release just for different countries this happens quite frequently.


@outsidecontext Thanks for the thoughtful post. A couple of the “Destination Anywhere” cds are within 1-2 seconds of total time. Makes a little more sense as to why that can happen now!