BMG Music Club releases

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I have bunch of CDs bought some 20 years ago via BMG Music Club. Each has a BMG imprint on the cover and BMG catalog number (starting with D).
Should these releases be considered as separate releases from the ones that look identical (have the same label catalog number) but were not distributed via BMG?


If you’re going to upload cover art, you’ll probably need to add a separate release (but in the same release group)—otherwise youre BMG-imprinted cover will show up for folks w/o the BMG release. No other way to keep the cover art separated.

Note that both releases will share the same recordings, so things like performer credits, works, etc. will be shared between them. At least ones on the recordings.


Yeah, BMG music club releases should definitely be added separately :slight_smile:


You should also add a second label-catalog number pair with the D- catalog number attached to the label “BMG Direct Marketing, Inc.”

Identifying releases

Thank you all for your responses.