Blinx: The Time Sweeper (videogame soundtrack)

I thought this when I saw your edit, but specificity is always an improvement, so it was an easy yes vote from me. e.g., Even if it’s not the original upload, you linked it to a source and details of a specific upload/share of it, allowing later people to do the kind of tracing back that you’re doing now.

If you’ve found a better OG source, then please do update!

When I upload khinsider stuff I assume it’s a ‘recycled’ upload, unless it’s a new rip. I’ll rarely upload the random images khinsider includes on the page.

None of this has ever been decided :slight_smile:

Your options are:

  • Don’t add it to MB
  • Add it to MB:
    • as you found the files online
    • or with all the additional files that you consider ‘most accurate’
  • And/or try nail down guidelines for ‘raw’ music files. Watch the seasons pass. Grow old. Eventually achieve sweet sweet guideline enlightenment.

Love the original release you uploaded! Comprehensive, 1 loop per track (useful for checking other rips against the track time). Don’t be surprised if others don’t like it though, I’m on the looser end of ‘what should we add to MB’.

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sounds good, thanks for the feedback + info!

added blinx 2 as well! it’s… really something lol

at first I was concerned putting each folder in its own Data DVD medium would imply there were multiple physical discs. but I guess there is this beatles album that comes on 1 usb drive, but adds 17 usb drive mediums. so there is a precedent for it at least

anyways, I think one big remaining thing missing is links between the songs shared between the releases/games. I haven’t used them before, but would this be a good opportunity to use works?

just to check I understand works correctly, would this and this be the same work, but a different recording? (it’s the “same song”, but the first recording plays 2 loops and fades out a 3rd. the 2nd recording plays only 1 loop and plays the true ending)

and this and this are the same work and the same recording?

basically I’m using this as a musicbrainz tutorial lol

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yes to all three

basically, how I think of works is it’s the sheet music behind the performance. you can have other people come along and perform the same music (a cover), you can have the original artist perform it in front of an audience (live). it’s also the best way to add composer credits

one additional thing I’d do for a soundtrack is add all the works for one soundtrack to a soundtrack work, like I’ve done for SimCity 4 here. if you’ve got multiple games in the series like you do here, you can add all the soundtrack works to a series, like the one for all the SimCity soundtracks.

note that you may end up with a couple related series, which I typically relate to each other as subseries. an example is the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic soundtracks, which I split the release group series into official and unofficial releases


ok I did my best to link the tracks between these releases using works. took a lot of… work (ha)

probably a lot of improper stuff in there… how does it look?

potential next steps

  • merge identical recordings
  • add credits

Looks good!

I don’t add many works (sorry @UltimateRiff and everyone!), but I believe for vgm works it’s standard to put the game they’re from into the disambiguation, as has been done in UltimateRiff’s SimCity 4 example and in the Final Fantasy III work series. Probably a good idea, as vgm titles can be very nondescript (should this be in the vgm guidelines? Someone who edits more vgm works please chip in :thinking:)

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I think it should at least be mentioned as good practice… I actually got the idea from the Soundtrack guidelines, so maybe it ought to be in the VGM guidelines too, for consistency’s sake

edit: looking at the soundtrack guidelines again, I realize I’ve been leaving out important info, like episode names and whatnot… :melting_face:


thanks for the feedback; I added “Blinx: TTS” to the start of all the disambs

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Looks good! The semi-colon in the disambiguations throws me off, because I’m not used to seeing it used for this stuff in MB.

Looking about it seems like using a comma for separating extra information is the way to go, based on precedent.

(I’ve been updating the vgm guideline draft as we go)

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sure I can change it; is there a way to do that in bulk? I guess I went for a ; because that’s how multi-value tags are separated in picard etc

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I don’t think so :confounded:

btw, MB operates on the principle that edits you do don’t have to be perfect, as long as they are an improvement. It would be diligent of you to change all the semi-colons, but you really don’t have to.

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