Blink-182 name changed - causing autorename chaos that needs fixing!

Can we get help from a Mod or someone that can stop an automatic renaming that seems to have kicked off.

Someone has accidentally renamed blink-182 to Blink-182. And the database has applied this change without question.

And now the “modbot” is on the rampage changing ALL the blink-182 references.

Help - how do we stop this chaos? Please tell me I don’t have to downvote EVERY thing the modbot has just marked for change?

Some of modbots open edits:

And on a slightly secondary point - why can’t changes like this be blocked? Surely once a band is named then there should be no need for the database to allow it to be changed?

That’s because it’s just a capitalization change, so it’s trivial to revert - those are always autoedits.

Afraid you do :frowning: (or well, someone). Those are not trivial to revert, so they’re not automatically applied, but they still need to be voted down. They’re also not entered by default - this user specifically checked a checkbox to change each of those…

We change band names all the time. Sometimes because they actually change the name, sometimes because there’s a typo, sometimes because someone entered “Whatever Orchestra” but their official name is “Orchestre de Quelque Chose” in French, etc.


IMHO this is a bit odd. One person can make a simple mistake when in his beginner weeks trying to understand a complex interface - and chaos can be allowed to kick off? Very odd. I’ll try and tick untangle what I can see but I am also a noob.

If a band name has been set for years, should’t there be a level of protection on it so an auto-edit is not applied so quick? I understand renaming an orchestra, but how often does an artist actually need renaming?

This has been a funny site for me… I seem to keep getting tangled up in correcting mistakes on artists I don’t even like. :smiley:

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about how the name is written, you can argue



I will argue then :wink: (In a friendly way)

The band blink-182 want the band name in lower case. Please look at the annotation in the main blink-182 entry here at Musicbrainz:

The annotation says:
"Please do not change the capitalisation of this name!

It is spelled “blink-182”, as opposed to “Blink 182”, “Blink-182”, or “blink 182”. It appears that way on most releases and on their official website.

The only exceptions are ‘Buddha’ and ‘Dude Ranch’, where it appears as BLINK 182: (scroll down)"

Using the examples you have posted, notice how the official band website’s title is in lower case on your post. Though all through that site they have then used capitals everywhere making the lower case harder to spot.

Wikipedia is always a bit whacky - but they also point out the “artist intent” of lower case (often stylised as blink-182)

Look at all the covers - lower case.

Look at band sites - lower case.

Don’t know why I am defending a band I am not a big fan of, but as they are in my collection I have been down the rabbit hole before checking why their name is blink-182 in lower case.

I think the main thing we should be going by here is what is here on Musicbrainz in that annotation.

Anyway - that’s my 2pence worth.


Here is best list I think to refer to - the External Links on the main blink-182 page:

Look on the right at the External Links. Work through a few of them looking for the pattern. Especially focus on the Official Band sources like Twitter, Facebook, Intsagram, Soundcloud, Youtube and those Social Networking sites that the band have a presence on that they control.

When we aren’t dealing with a stylised font in all caps, they clearly use a little “b” in their user name.

Sites like Whakipedia and Discogs have other editiors who will come along and apply their own rules outside of the band’s control.

I am now taking off my Detective Hat and going back to that bottle of wine :wine_glass: (am now concerned that there isn’t an emoticon for a normal bottle of wine… it is fizzy pop or old greek jars… :amphora: )

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Wikipedia has a MOS that applies only to Wikipedia. Wikipedia capitalizes the first word of every article. It also capitalizes the first letter of accounts names.

if you were to create an article called The blink-182

Unfortunately, because WP has become the “goto” source for internet information, their style guide often changes the way the rest of the internet sees items.

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O.K, O.K.
I don’t know if the band sees it that closely. See the top and bottom line on the home page.

BLINK - all caps
but all of their social media (except Reddit), which is found at the top of that same page, is lowercase.