Bleeding Fingers


While working with some albums from Extreme Music (in particular Space Tones and Earth Tones), i found that many of them associated with Bleedings Fingers music.

Checking album credits on Extreme Music site i found that in addition to main composer(s) also almost every track credited to two persons: Bruce Fingers (IPI:732104978) and Billie Ray Fingers (IPI:732104096). I wasnt able to found proofs that this is a real people and now i am thinking - could it be some pure “copyright” credits and if so - should i still add them to both tracklist and works level?

I’d say yes, if you like you can put an annotation on their artist entities that you think they may be one of the same person or not a person at all.

Maybe someone with more experience/knowledge of this may be able to confirm/deny :smiley:

I thought this thread would be about someone really editing too much :grin:

I would also add the credits as-is, with a note on the artist pages.


Glad I wasn’t the only one who initially thought of this


Thanks for your opinion. And about fingers - yes, it COULD be such thing w/o all this MB scripts and other autiomation tools. :smile:

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