Bizarre ISRC Format

Just being doing some music video work, and sometimes people upload the music videos with the lead ins still present; like this

Now it only appears for about a second, but usually contains helpful information such as director and date.

However looking at that title card, what the heck is that ISRC format!



It looks like a game or corrupt ISRC.
The normal format is:



  • CC: country code
  • LLL: label code
  • YY: year
  • RRRRR: the recording code, itself

Could be GB-506-06-02002 and bogus 54??

“506” is supposed to be “F”, according to ISRC Search. So GB-F06-02-00254.


Another search site disagrees - GB-F08 something

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I’ve seen something similar on some Taiwanese releases. The ISRCs for the tracks on the album are listed in the booklet, but when I tried to add them to the release in MB the system flagged them as invalid.

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That website’s only for audio, not video. Although you’ve reminded me of the existence of the similarly-titled for video, which also says GBF060200254.

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Sorry about that… anyway good that you got a consistent answer from the video search site!