Big difference in release date


Atomic Rooster - “Atomic Rooster”

The year 1991 is printed on the back cover.

However, in MB the date is 2011.

How to treat it?

There are more such examples.

The © indicates the copyright date, not the release date.


It also says (p) 1970 on that rear paperwork. (p) and (c) are never any use at dating something. It is why dating a CD release can be a headache. Especially when something is a reissue.

Another good hint your CD is not from 1991 are those SID codes.


1970 is probably the year of the first release on vinyl.

It can be but not necessarily.

The (p) and (c) years can usually be either same year as original release year, or the year before.

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Japanese releases do print their release date on the back cover.

But sometimes it’s wrong, for example the non-CCCD versions do still show the release date of the original CCCD versions.

There was a website to keep track of these non-CCCD real release dates (exceptions to the rule), but that site is now down.


Yes! that very useful is back online!!


Big in Japan … 𝄞 :wink:

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