Best way to add soundtrack album?

I’m wanting to add this Beauty and the Beast album from the iTunes store. There are already a few Beauty and the Beast release groups on here, but I can’t see any that seem to match this, so I’m thinking I need to add it as a new release group?

As you can see, the cover art on iTunes has the text “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast” but iTunes have the title as “Beauty and the Beast (Original Soundtrack Special Edition)”

My questions:

  1. What do I put as the release title? The full “Beauty and the Beast (Original Soundtrack Special Edition)”?

  2. The iTunes store page lists the album artist as “Various Artists”, and the cover art doesn’t elaborate, so do I just put that for the release artist?

If that is the 1991 film, then put it here:

I expect many of the tracks will be common with some of those releases.

As to title, see the RG. The subtitle is put after a common in MB guidelines

Beauty and the Beast: Original Soundtrack Special Edition

As to the credit - I’d follow the other releases in the RG where it seems to be credited to Alan Menken

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That’s great, thank you for your help

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Check out this tool for adding deezer/spotify/itunes albums:

It does a lot of the heavy lifting!

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