Best practice for the artist name pattern "artist and his band"

I’m adding a lot of salsa music release and release artist credit are often following the pattern “{artist} and his {band}”.

In that case, we can says that {artist} is the founder/lead artist of the {band}, it’s not a featuring.

Here some examples:

  • “Adolfo Barros y Sus Espantos - SIn rival - 1978”
  • “Hector Rivera & His Orchestra - Lo Maximo - 1974”
  • “Pupy y Los Que Son Son - Tranquilo que yo controlo - 2008”
  • “Maikel Blanco y Suprema Ley - Ya llegaron los cubanos - 2007”

My question is how to set the correct artist credits because i see many solution:

  • Tags with two artist:
    “Adolfo Barros”/“Los Espantos” => Adolfo Barros y Sus Espantos
    "Hector Rivera"/“Hector Rivera Orchestra” => Hector Rivera & His Orchestra
    "Maikel Blanco"/“Suprema Ley” => Maikel Blanco y Suprema Ley

  • Tags with one artist based on the band
    "Adolfo Barros y Sus Espantos" => Adolfo Barros y Sus Espantos
    "Hector Rivera & His Orchestra" => Hector Rivera & His Orchestra

  • Tags with one artist based on the artist
    "Adolfo Barros" => Adolfo Barros y Sus Espantos
    "Hector Rivera" => Hector Rivera & His Orchestra

What do you suggest for this case?

Thank you

From what I’ve seen, the usual pattern is to add the group as an entity with the founder linked via a relationship.
This same pattern was used with a lot of jazz bands in the early 20th century, e.g. Count Basie and His Orchestra (founded by Count Basie, who is linked to the group entity via a relationship).


Yes this is very similar! I think will do like this.

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I’m not really satisfied with this: This may have been “best practice” before the introduction of Artist Credits. Maybe we should reconsider the way we should treat these. New discussion is here: Band Leaders and their orchestras

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